It’s time to let the storytellers tell the story and fulfill the needs of our experience-based economy! Renew digital products with meaningful impactful design and interaction across all channels of the users experience to produce something visually, conceptually, and socially worthwhile. Let’s go beyond delightful moments, rectangles, hamburger menus, screens, and the bottomline to find place of relevance, dopamine, responsibility, and inspiration. Let's recognize and celebrate the HUMAN EXPERIENCE (HX).


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I am a multidisciplinary conceptual artist redefining standards, challenging the industry, and captivating audiences. I’m dedicated to pioneering the use of processes and ideologies that turn complex, lifeless tasks into intuitive and engaging solutions for earthlings. 20-years of storytelling experience in commercial broadcast design (motion graphics), cinematography, conceptual art, and UI/UX allow me to fill common gaps in digital product narratives, work streams across teams with different skill sets, emotional connections and relationships with audiences that are often preventing UI/UX designers and products from longterm success. 


Through uncharted territories, first (Senior) Motion Graphics Designer (Unicorn) for J.P. Morgan Chase, I was able to shape the company’s future design direction. I established the motion design language, developed the rebrand for the new chase.com, introduced Apple Pay with Chase, and produced award winning digital products. Elsewhere, I worked at reputable studios like Digital Kitchen on big budget TV commercials for various popular businesses. Additionally, my work has been awarded and featured on motionorgrapher.com and at the Motion Graphics festival. 

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-Michael Cone

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